This page serves as a tribute to the man who thought enough of humanity to try and interject a little warmth and joy into people's hearts at Christmastime with a very special greeting card to the world: The WPIX Yule Log.


The Yule Log was a distinctly unpretentious concept whose beauty lied in its simplicity. It wasn't just a piece of celluloid with the image of a flickering fireplace flying through the airwaves. It was a symbol. A symbol of a simpler time. A symbol of our history. And on Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning for 3 hours, it brought us all together. It was a big Christmas celebration with thousands of human beings being tied together through an electronic network of non-remote control, tube filled televisions.

It was a representation of tradition, and people had their own reasons for tuning in. Whether a background centerpiece with beautiful carols while you had Christmas Eve dinner or a festive assembly of dancing flames while you opened your presents, the Yule Log was always there, and you could count on its presence year after year.


A simple idea by a thoughtful man.


Mr. Thrower passed away in 1999 and it was his wish that the Yule Log would survive him.

Not only has it survived him, but it is more popular than ever.



Posted below is more information about Fred.

Pictures of Fred throughout his life
The eulogy given at Fred's funeral